Conductive 3D prints with Graphene in development by startups Graphmatech and Wematter

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Wematter and Graphmatech

Swedish 3D printer manufacturer Wematter is partnering with Graphmatech, one of the leading graphene-solutions providers. Graphmatech enhances polymer powders with Graphene, which makes them electrically- and thermally conductive, improve processibility, and more.  

Together, the two startups will develop an electrically conductive powder, tailored for Gravity – the SLS 3D printer by Wematter. The high-performance powder will enable Telecommunications, Aerospace, and Automotive manufacturers to print parts with improved or maintained mechanical properties whilst achieving electrostatic dissipative (ESD), shielding, or even lower resistivity, and performance.

Graphene enables material development for additive Manufacturing at a new level. By utilizing Graphmatech’s novel method of incorporating graphene with polymer powders, this is the first time that a powder-based technology like SLS is used together with Polyamide 11-Graphene powder in an industrial way.

“With this new strategic partnership, Wematter and Graphmatech will be able to offer customers in the Telecommunications, Aerospace, and Automotive industries a competitive advantage”, Says Robert Kniola CEO & Co-Founder at  Wematter. “We see a great potential in working with Graphmatech because  they have a proven capability of developing cutting-edge graphene-based  materials for SLS 3D printing.”  

“The graphene-enhanced powder will meet the needs of some of the most demanding customers in the telecommunications, aerospace and automotive industries”, says Dr Mamoun Taher – CEO & Founder of Graphmatech. “The  Gravity system by Wematter is an appealing SLS system for printing our high-performing graphene-enhanced powders. The innovative powder handling  system developed by Wematter makes the Gravity system very user friendly  which is a key when introducing new powder products to the market.” 

About Wematter AB (publ) 

Swedish 3D printing company Wematter’s pioneering solution gives hospitals,  offices, and workshops access to a comprehensive system. For the first time,  employees can easily print components themselves with the same strength and  quality as traditional technology. Wematter’s proprietary end-to-end solution  enables customers to accelerate product development and in-house volume  production. At the same time, the system creates the conditions for increased  flexibility, lower risk and reduced manufacturing and development costs.  

About Graphmatech  

As we transition to a more sustainable world, demand for scarce raw materials is  soaring. Small amounts of graphene can achieve large improvements when  incorporated correctly. By boosting the properties of other materials with  graphene, it’s possible to use less but with the same or better results. Hence, polymer-graphene composites enable several new applications in an environmentally friendly way. Graphmatech specializes in graphene-solutions, such as graphene-based composites, and the formulations and processes required to introduce graphene
into base materials at an industrial scale, to help this transition going forward.

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